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About me


I live a life dedicated to yoga and meditation

Like many people in this culture, my life as a younger adult was packed with fast-paced activities and a fair amount of stress. That seemed normal and even, perhaps, what was expected to create a happy life. I earned a business degree from New York University while working as an International Flight Attendant. I transferred to San Francisco and two years later, I was bed-ridden with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I felt lost, confused, devastated. I could barely walk across the street when months before I was flying full time and skiing at Lake Tahoe. Why did my body break down when others were living with lots of stress and staying healthy?

A few years into living in submission to this astonishingly unpredictable illness, I learned of the total load concept. The total load includes excess sugar or chemicals in the diet; environmental factors such as poor air quality, heavy metals, pesticides, and noise; undetected microbes; mold and other allergens; psychological stressors such as current or past trauma, toxic relationships, and addictions; dehydration, lack of exercise and more. While any one of these would not normally cause illness, the cumulative total may overload the body’s ability to function. Research now suggests some people may have a compromised shut-off system to stress.

While being treated for Lyme disease, I was introduced to the Emotion Code and The Body Code systems of energy healing. Gradually, I began to discover and understand the real reasons behind my debilitating health issues. As I began studying and using The Body Code on myself, I found many layers of trapped emotions and traumas as well as infections that were greatly compromising my body’s ability to function. My body’s natural healing ability became stronger as I reduced the total load on my body, mind, and spirit.

Today I am truly grateful to be alive. I appreciate each day and am able to exercise and do more of what brings me joy. Highly spiritual and intuitive, I enjoy daily meditation, yoga, nature, beauty, the arts, dogs and practicing mindfulness. I am passionate about health and healing and I am honored to be a Certified Emotion Code, Body Code and Belief Code Practitioner and to be able to offer this energy healing gift to you. *Dr. Bradley Nelson (Chiropractor, ret.) discovered and created the Emotion Code and Body Code.

I’d love to talk and find out if I can be of service to you. You deserve to live your best life and it could be as simple as a single session. Book a free call with me and let’s find out if this is the right healing modality for you. Book A Free Call

“The Body Code program has expanded and now offers additional mental and emotional imbalance clearing. For example, in the past you might have had a difficult experience with a concept, a person, or an idea. Your subconscious mind in an attempt to protect you from all the discomfort associated with this begins to develop symptoms to make you uncomfortable when you come into contact with this idea. These are known as idea allergies and can easily be cleared.”

Mary Rice, Your Healing Connection.


What my clients say

I have had a number of sessions with Mary, for various problems that I was experiencing. I really appreciate her skills and I’m amazed about how much ground she can cover in one session! Mary really knows how to do energetic testing.

She was always very helpful with:
1) uncovering problems I wasn’t aware of,

2) identifying the causes of my problems,

3) clearing energy issues behind those problems, and

4) making suggestions that I could use.

She has even cleared out traumas that I have carried with me since I was a child! I have felt much better as a result of her work, and I really appreciate her skills, her kindness, and her helpfulness.

— CHUCK H, New Brighton, MN

One of the biggest improvements for me, from working with Mary Rice, is a major reduction in the severity and frequency of my anxious and panicky feelings. Because of this, I sleep better and am generally calmer, so I am more myself throughout the day. I no longer suffer from hot flashes or night sweats, my back pain is gone. So thankful for Mary and the Body Code.


Mary has a beautiful gift that needs to be shared with the world! She has made me feel safe and heard as she’s helped uncover some root issues using the Body code to help me address my physical and emotional health. She goes above and beyond for her clients and I am grateful to have found her!


As I was approaching my second retirement, I was looking for answers for my procrastination and over-work tendencies. Through Belief Code sessions, Mary helped me identify and release the beliefs that had been holding me back from feelings of lightness and joy that I so wanted for the future. I am now much more confident in changing my “unable/unwilling” attitude to “able and willing”.


First thank you for the experience, which I found surprising and interesting. After our session, I had a headache and a busy head for the rest of the day. The following days I felt relaxed and it was like the intensity was taken out of the feelings of guilt and sadness. My motivation has improved and I’ve actually seen friends I haven’t seen in many years and got into some new crafts. Even the sleep has marginally improved. We started with 7/10 and it’s brought it down to a 4/10. So thank you again Mary.


The Belief Code, Body Code & Emotion Code Practitioner

Mary Rice Is A Certified Practitioner

I use a mix of the Belief Code, Body Code and Emotion Code to
help you find balance, healing and harmony in your life.
These simple, intuitive, energy healing methods and trainings were developed
by Dr. Bradley Nelson and it’s been life-changing for hundreds of my clients.

Emotion Code

Releasing trapped emotions, which are harmful emotional energies from negative past events, makes conditions right for the body to heal itself physically, and emotional difficulties often disappear or become much easier to handle.

Body Code

The Body Code is a sophisticated and complete method of body balancing – emotional, energetic, nutritional, structural, pathogens, and toxicity. Imbalances in the body can be identified and corrected for optimal wellness.

Belief Code

The Belief Code offers us a way to uproot negative subconscious beliefs, release ourselves from incongruous belief patterns, and allow us to see things as they really are. Free your mind, body, and spirit from beliefs that have been holding you back!

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