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I’m Mary Rice

While being treated for a devastating case of Lyme disease, I was introduced to the Emotion Code and The Body Code systems of energy healing. Gradually, I began to discover and understand the real reasons behind my debilitating health issues. As I began studying and using The Body Code on myself, I found many layers of trapped emotions and traumas as well as infections that were greatly compromising my body’s ability to function. My body’s natural healing ability became stronger as I reduced the total load on my body, mind, and spirit.

Get to the root of illness or disharmony in your life

Whether you’re looking to improve your life physically or emotionally, or you need to find balance and harmony in your life,
career and relationships, you will be in awe at the powerful effects of the Body Code, Emotion Code & Belief Code


What my clients say

I continue to be awestruck each time I do a Body/Emotion Code session. But, honestly, this is not just from the modality. Mary, specifically, has gifts that are beyond and beyond! I’m a channel, myself, and continue to be impressed each time I experience a session with Mary. Her warmth, professionalism, humor and competence are consistently palpable. Thank you, Mary! The world needs your talents!

—WENDY COOPER, Sarasota, Fl

Here is a great example of my sessions with Mary—Go in feeling one way, come out feeling lighter and more prepared for life. Not only has Mary been great to work with but she is able to connect quickly and deeply to reveal things that make so much sense but would not have been discovered by me. I cannot thank her enough for the generational healing that me and my entire family are getting out of these sessions!

—LINDSAY W, Madison, WI

Clear Trauma

The Emotion Code and Body Code is a powerful energy healing modality that allows you to release trapped emotions

Find Balance

Rediscover the intuitive ability of the subconscious mind to rebalance your energy and renew your body

Holistic Approach

A truly magnificent and simple process to uncover and heal the underlying factors and toxins that influence ill health

Muscle Testing

A wonderfully reliable method to communicate with the subconscious mind and measure progress

Revitalize Your Lifestyle

The Body Code and Emotion Code is a powerful technique that promotes mindful & healthy living.

Find Harmony

Bring harmony to all areas of your life – relationships, career, health and abundance.

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Lisbeth Overton
Lisbeth Overton
22 May 2024
My Belief Code session with Mary was spectacular. As a result of identifying and releasing 2 Beliefs I had around money I have been able to shift my predominant energy about money, specifically debt! I have shifted to an energy of overflow, this new energy has helped me not only release debt, also attract soul fantasy clients with ease who love to pay me who receive epic transformation. Less fear and worry, more trust, alignment, and abundance in all forms. A total win win! This method is safe, quick, and TRANSFORMATIONAL. I highly recommend it, especially if you are tired of doing "all the things" and not making any headway! Mary is the best! Thank you Mary;) Lisbeth Minneapolis
Kady Laloo
Kady Laloo
8 May 2024
Mary is incredibly intuitive and compassionate - it's absolutely magical watching her do her work. I didn't really know how this would work over a zoom session and wasn't sure what to expect but all I needed to do was keep an open mind and I found myself really enjoying my time with her. I sought her help to break a cycle of self-sabotage and to alleviate the persistent fight/flight/freeze responses stemming from ongoing trauma in my life. Mary created a safe space where I felt truly felt seen and understood. Her ability to tune into trapped emotions and past experiences with such accuracy and empathy is incredible. Following our session, I experienced a definite shift in my energy. After a restful night, I woke feeling genuinely happy and motivated for the first time in a long time. My anxiety had nearly vanished, and I was able to focus on one thing at a time instead of worrying about the sky falling. Thank you so much Mary - your genuine passion for this work is tangible and so powerful!
Kathy Schenk
Kathy Schenk
7 May 2024
I had the amazing opportunity to receive Belief Code healing sessions with Mary Rice. I have been aware for many years that beliefs that I formed in my family of origin are faulty and are leading to disharmony in my ability to traverse my world with confidence and joy. My old belief systems have caused me a horrible amount of emotional and physical pain. The sessions with Mary helped me to quickly pinpoint some beliefs that were keeping me from my greater good in life. One of the beliefs that we uncovered was that I didn’t think I had the right to put my health first. Well that obviously has diminished my wellbeing. We were able to rewrite that script through the use of the Belief Code system. I am now more able to rest my hands, knees, and hips when I need to and reap the rewards of giving my body the chance to renew itself. Because I was able to learn this way of uncovering and changing faulty beliefs, I have been able to identify and change many more thought processes that weren’t serving me. I can’t say enough good things about Mary’s abilities as a guide in helping me to make changes to my ways of doing things. I have more confidence, energy, and wellbeing after these wonderful sessions.
Wendy Cooper
Wendy Cooper
4 May 2024
I only have amazing things to write about Mary Rice. She has been part of my healing team for years. The Belief Code is the perfect adjunct to the Emotion Code and Body Code healing modalities. I did several sessions with Mary via the Belief Code, and got to release life long issues. Thanks Mary, for your committment to obtaining these credentials and for sharing your gifts with me....and the world!

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