Accessing your body's wisdom for optimal wellness

Welcome to Your Healing Connection, a holistic resource to support you in living your best life. The Emotion Code and Body Code Systems support the body’s innate ability to heal. Some forms of energy medicine or holistic healing must be hands-on such as acupuncture, but many others, including Reiki and the Emotion Code and Body Code are just as effective in person and through distance. *

Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioners use kinesiology to identify and remove the underlying imbalances in the body, mind and spirit that can negatively impact health and happiness. These imbalances can include nutritional deficiencies, inherited weaknesses, infections, toxicity, unhealthy mental patterns and trapped emotions or emotional baggage. Western medicine acknowledges that negative or prolonged stress (often in the form of trapped emotions) can cause both physical and emotional wear and tear on the body.

The good news is this: Your body is designed to heal, and the Body Code System can help you get to the root of your symptoms and pain. Listening to your body and getting help now can go a long way toward preventing bigger problems in the future.

*The Body Code System includes the Emotion Code and all Body Code Practitioners must be Emotion Code certified first.

Mary Rice
Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner

What People are Saying

​“ I continue to be awestruck each time I do a Body/Emotion Code session. But, honestly, this is not just from the modality. Mary, specifically, has gifts that are beyond and beyond! I’m a channel, myself, and continue to be impressed each time I experience a session with Mary. Her warmth, professionalism, humor and competence are consistently palpable. I could give a number of examples, but I will just share one that occurred when Mary was in training a few years ago. I’d had a tooth ache for years. Mary correctly discovered that I had a fungal issue. The tooth ache lifted and never returned. Thank you, Mary! The world needs your talents!"

—​Wendy Cooper, Sarasota, Florida