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Interview: Unveiling Insights from My Journey as an Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner

Macro Photography of Dragonfly on Plant

I recently had the privilege of being featured in an interview by Mystic Mag where I had the chance to open up about my personal journey and the wealth of experiences I’ve gained as an Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner.

I elaborated on the profound transformations I’ve undergone, on a personal level and in my service to others (both human and furry clients). We delved into the incredible power of accessing the subconscious mind, a practice that continues to astonish me with its efficacy.

This interview with Mystic Mag truly offered me a platform to not only share my insights and experiences. It was an exceptional opportunity to connect with a wider audience and cast light on the deeply meaningful work that I’m honored to undertake as an Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner.

Read the interview here: